Dolgov=V Maksimovskikh=A — (+0440.12a7a1) U2

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Dolgov=V Maksimovskikh=A 1-0
1.p Troitzky MT Molodoj Leninets 1986 Click to open.

Номер этюда: 35139

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  • The introductory play with the mutual bishop manoeuvres, the pins on f-line and 6th file is certainly very good. Same for the systematic manoeuvre at the end. But the choice of the king square in the 7th move is not so interesting, in my view.

    First of all, the line 9… Kc3 should be given since this is the line related to the tries in the 7th move. Whereas after 9… Bc2 10. Kc7, everything transposes.Second, it is rather simple to motivate 7. Kb6: The king is simply placed best on b6 to fight against the pawns. One does not even see to see the Be4+ check in the 7. Kb7? line because b6 looks better anyway. I find it important that the tries are a humanly plausible alternative, but here I would go automatically for b6. 

    (Yes, I know that technically, purity of purpose is not violated, because also b7 would be sufficient to stop the pawns, but I simply don’t find it impressive because b6 is clearly more plausible than the rest, even without calculating a single move.)

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